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Litto Gomez

One of the gems of the Cigar industry is Mr. Litto Gomez from La Flor Dominicana cigars. Stogie Press was able to sit down with Litto during this year’s IPCPR Convention and talk about cigars and the cigar industry from the eyes of a unique personality. Even though it was an extremely busy time for Litto and the LFD team, he carved out some quality time to sit with me and discuss his life and his business.


Everyone that has met Litto will tell you he is a genuine pleasure to talk to. He loves what he does and truly enjoys the cigar business. Although as you will read, it all didn’t start with cigars, he was originally in the jewelry business prior to establishing himself as one of the movers and shakers of the cigar world.



SP: Why Cigars after Jewelry

LG: A friend in the Dominican Republic and some Miami friends wanted to start a cigar business. I was attracted to the idea. It had no possibility for success.  All the rules were being broken. Then everything happened. Normally you contract for cigars we decided to do it ourselves.


SP: Were there similarities in the business models?


LG: No similarity, it was a brand new business model. The cigar business is a small family we help but also compete. All levels of friends and we help each other, it is not like most businesses.


SP: Would you change anything now that you know more about the business.


LG: No


SP: If the importation of Cuban tobacco changes what would be your strategy

LG: I would look at the product and if I like it, if I like the tobacco, I would use it but not just because it’s Cuban.


SP: I read that your employees, just like your customers, are very loyal. What do you attribute such loyalty to?


LG: I try to be very true and honest. We don’t create gimmicks; you should be honest with your consumer. Most important work is for the consumer and that transfers to the employees. Honesty in all is as important as the consumer.


SP: Tell us about your latest blend, the 20th Anniversary.

LG: We started our business in 1994 and we celebrate this with the 1994 line. It is puro Dominicana with a San Andrés wrapper.  We are very happy with it and it has a very unique flavor.


SP: Tell about the Chapter 1 vs the Chapter 2.

LG: The Chapter 1 is very different from the Chapter 2. They have different flavors so as to create a new experience for the smoker.



SP: We don’t see too many Lanceros being released from La Flor Dominican why is that?

LG: We are selective in releasing the Lanceros. We like to release them every now and than. We produce them and then vanish them




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